Sustainable project results
 - from development to operation of project results in the Danish vocational education and training sector (VET)

The present master thesis has been bred by the fact that many project results stay encapsulated or ebb away after ended project, even when the results were of high quality and indicated positive effects. This is especially the case for non-material results in change management projects.

This problem led to considerations about implementation from diverging scientific approaches. In the context of this thesis, implementation means to be putting into operation, organisational anchoring and dissemination of project results.

 A nationwide Danish programme for model projects* was the object of community action research, with 13 model projects involved. The researcher had a co-ordinating role in the programme, while also exploring the project managers´ own possibilities for working towards a sustainable implementation, as well as identifying barriers and support from the outside.

As no suitable implementation model could be identified for the analysis of the case, the researcher found it necessary to develop a new model, based on relevant theories on implementation and data from the case. An introductary context analysis concluded that both the rational and constructivist approach influence the VET-sector and thus its model projects.

These approaches were the basis for designing a broad method mix with qualitative and quantitative surveys. The analyses led to conclusions that could be materialised in the final outcome - the implementation model ´FoU-implement´.

´FoU-implement´ illustrates dimensions that influence implementation, on three levels:
    1. The project manager´s own areas of action
    2. The frameworks and goals for the model projects
    3. The context of the project/programme
      The model is targeted to be a reflection-tool for project managers, a support-tool when elaborating implementation plans and a process-tool for programme co-ordinators.

      Lamscheck-Nielsen, 2011

      *Ministry of Children and Education, programme "Quality in school-based practice", 2011-2013


       Additional remark, beyond the master thesis
      In March 2012 an interactive online version of the implementation model ´FoU-implement´ became available. This online model is freely accessible and makes scoring possible. Click here!

      An English version of ´FoU-implement´ could be published end April 2012. Click here!