About the digitalization of ´FoU-implement´
The interactive scoring model was developed and programmed by students and an instructor at Minimerc. Viborg in Denmark, March 2012.
The digital model builds on Lamscheck-Nielsen´s concept ´FoU-implement´, Nov. 2011.

Both are protected by © copyright (creative commons). The model is freely accessible for personal use, as well as for use by project managers working together in a joint project. Nevertheless, the model may not be commercialized.

The work and the learning process, January - March 2012
The students had achieved basic programming skills during their school periods. They attained the specific technical competencies through targeted information search and test runs, carried out in small teams and in dialogue with the instructor.

Thank you to the involved students:
  • Simon Blæhr Andreasen 
  • Daniel Jeppesen
  • Michael Jørgen Wilsted Thomsen 

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